The AquaGym

now powered by 

Columbus Scuba

Frequently Asked Questions......

1.  Do I need to know how to swim?

    NO!  But you should be comfortable and confident in the water.  The AquaGym is always conducted in the shallow end of the pool, maximum depth 5'.  You can always stand up or touch bottom.

2.  Are lifeguards on duty?

    In addition to The AquaGym instructor and staff, there are always the required number of lifeguards present when participants are in the water.

3.  What do I need to bring with me?

    Swim Suit and towel.  The AquaGym provides all equipment necessary including: wetsuit, mask and finns and scuba tank and regulator.

4.  Can my Mom and/or Dad stay to watch?

Absolutely!  Parents are encouraged to stay and watch.

5.  Can adults participate in The AquaGym?

    YES!  We have had so many requests from parents that we now have 2 options:
                     You can participate with your child during their session
                     We now offer in several locations Adults only sessions

6.  Do you do private sessions?

    YES!  We offer Birthday Party packages, girl and boy scout special sessions and we will even bring The AquaGym to you if you have an inground pool.